About Us

HiSi Glass is a family owned business in Northern California with over 40 years of experience developing and blowing technical tight-tolerance functional glass. Our mission is to offer a more scientific approach to the smoking and vaporizing experience with the intention to reduce health risks associated with inhaling hot, dry smoke or vapor. Our unique percolator designs maximize cooling and moisture conditioning for the ultimate in smoke and vapor delivery. We design our tubes and bubblers not only for optimized cooling and moisture conditioning, but also easy draw and durability. Get HiSi and enjoy the smoothest and fullest inhalations possible.

  • Clean Scientific Aesthetics
  • Optimized Functional Value
  • Max Diffusion without Drag
  • No-Hype Heft and Durability

Our tubes, bubblers and accessories are available through many fine retailers we have listed on our locations page and direct through our webstore. Some Special Edition pieces may only be available through our retailers while others will only be available through our webstore. Stay posted to both or sign up on our mailing list for updates and special releases.